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Francis McInerney

Managing Director

North River Ventures

Vidal Consulting shows you how customer loyalty generates hard cash at your customer touchpoints cash you need more than ever in these tough times. You will outperform a commoditized market by adding differentiation beyond the product.

Frank DeFina

Executive VP

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

Vidal Consulting sets the standard for strategic planning and advisement to executives. They ask questions that shed light on the root cause of problems and allows for quick and effective decision making. I have identified aspects of my management approach that has helped me become a better leader.

Cory Moore​


Big-D Construction Inc.

Vidal Consulting has been a significant advisor at Big-D and for my personal growth and development. They have enabled major progression in our ability to facilitate culture change and alignment of our vision, roles and goals as a company. They have also succeeded in awakening our capacity to build robust relationships with our clients. Vidal Consulting has a knack for explaining concepts in an especially comprehensive and engaging way that pilots positive transformation.

Scott Honer

Sr Mgr North America Financial Services

Ingram Micro Inc

The Vidal Consulting team has helped us develop a different approach to problem solving that has a greater focus on the customer experience, allowing us to maintain a more cohesive customer centric culture.

Jeff Rust


Corporate Alliance

Vidal Consulting is one of the best on customer loyalty, they are engaging, motivating and inspiring. If you want results, VCG is your company.

Leslie Noffsinger

General Manager, Contact Center


Our management team found Vidal Consulting’s workshop very worthwhile. It’s a practical and useful customer service philosophy we can use everyday. Thank you Rudy & team, for bringing retailers into the 21st century with customer service!

Keith Hanak

VP Solutions & Delivery

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company

Vidal Consulting empowers executives to leverage their strengths and view the business landscape from a clearer point of view. They not only advise but guides you how to think more effectively. Highly recommended.

Bob Greenberg



Vidal Consulting helped us turn an idea into a culture that keeps on giving. We have been able to reduce our costs and increase our impact for 3 years running.

Eugene Seagriff

VP of Marketing

VXi Corporation 

Vidal Consulting has provided me tremendous value transitioning from a Director at a very large company, to a Vice President at a mid-sized company. May not have survived year one without them!

Jim King


Panasonic Toughbook 

Dynamic! Vidal Consulting moved our entire sales force to a new level

of customer understanding.

Paul Jarman



Vidal Consulting brought us a philosophy, process and metrics. Our customer satisfaction increased dramatically. Our Contact Center customers love the results Vidal Consulting brings.

Jill Blankenship


Frontline Call Centers

Vidal Consulting continues to make things happen. They have certainly made a difference in my company and our mission of providing excellent customer support services.

Jonathan Judd

Head of Channels

North America at NewVoiceMedia

New Voice Media Logo.jpeg

Vidal Consulting has truly been a joy to work with and associate with over the past year. Their commitment to and understanding of customer satisfaction really resonates. I cannot interact with a single internal or external customer without thinking about Vidal Consulting’s presentations and dedication to this effort. I would recommend Vidal Consulting’s program/work any company.

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Joe Robertson


Tree of Life Contact Center

Vidal Consulting’s insight for extreme customer service forces a company to examine their customer satisfaction potential and redefine their purpose in the market place. Our contact center operations are more efficient and effective sources of business stability.

Joe Jacaboni


Contact Centers of America

Vidal Consulting’s understanding of Customer issues and the creation of

Customer Centric Cultures is second to none. They have moved contact

centers to their highest potential.

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